As Notre Dame Looks to Rebuild Digital Data May Guide Restoration Efforts

Last week the world watched in shock as Notre Dame, a building that has stood as a sentinel over hundreds of years of French history, burned. While the physical and psychological devastation of these events is difficult to fathom and must not be trivialized, technological projects carried out at many of these historical locations and museums provide a ray of hope that what is gone may not truly be forever lost.

New White Paper: Open Data and Data Visualization in Arts Organizations

Data collection and communication is an essential tool for effectively managing arts organizations. Data visualization techniques can reveal organizational or industry insights in a manner which is easy for managers to understand and communicate to their stakeholders. Explore sources for open source data, and low cost, high impact data visualization tools in this new white paper.

Telling Stories with Data: 4 Steps to Making Data Visualizations More Readable

Data visualization helps art institutions communicate with internal and external communities more effectively and efficiently. There are a numbers of quality data visualization tools available for free, but how arts managers use these tools defines how effective the data visualization. The following four strategies provide a guideline for arts managers to create data visualization with purpose and impact.

Interview with Emma Slayton: CLIR Fellow for Data Visualization

Emma Slayton, the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) fellow for data visualization at Carnegie Mellon University, spoke with AMT Lab about data visualization tools, techniques, and methods. Emma sees many opportunities for this science to develop in the non-profit and arts sectors.

Learning How To Visualize Data: Free & Low Cost Professional Development for Beginners

Graphing is something that many people have had to do, whether it was in 9th grade algebra or on last year’s annual report. For some managers this is a simple task, but for others it is more difficult. Here is a list of how to start learning these skills and where these courses can be found online.

Nonprofit Technology Conference #18NTC

NTEN's annual conference is always a special treat. Vendors and attendees all focused on making the world a better place while investigating the appropriate role technology plays in that transformation.  With 144 sessions plus keynotes, Birds of a Feather lunch tables, Ignite talks and pre-conference workshops, to say the conference is robust is an understatement.  The following are my main take-away from the conference, but if you are curious for more, be sure to check out their social channels with hashtag #18NTC.

Digital Storytelling: 5 Tools That Make Data Worth Looking At

Arts organizations want to take data from the basic displays that everyone has in their annual reports to something that tells a story, motivates constituents to act, and makes people pay attention. Here are 5 tools to that can help take an organization's reporting to the next level.