Amadeus Code: Brave New World of A.I. Music Generation

Japanese startup Amadeus Code, an “artificial intelligence-powered songwriting assistant,” is the latest app that is riding the wave of A.I. art-generation. The algorithm scans a diverse database of popular music from the past 500 centuries (in theory - the earliest song this reviewer discovered was Schubert’s “Ave Maria” from 1825) and allows the user to specify the note range and length, drama, familiarity, and era. The app then creates a unique instrumental harmony based on these specifications, drawing inspiration from songs that have similar characteristics.

Hot Tips for Enhancing Museum Accessibility 

Are you considering implementing new programs, technology, or resources to enhance visitor experience for differently abled patrons? If your answer is yes, there are a few key points to remember: respect the community you are serving; ensure the changes are mission oriented; confirm ADA compliance; and install measurable methods of evaluation.

Image Credit: Jil Wright

Consumers Spent Big This Holiday Season - What and How Did They Buy, and What May Capture Their Attention Next?

There are a lot of options for how people may choose to allocate their time, attention, and financial resources. To an extent there is competition in the cultural sector between museums, theaters, and other similar organizations, but external options, such as other forms of entertainment or educational technology, present a plethora of choices for the consumer. With that in mind, as we start the year let’s take a brief scan of what was hot in the tech world through the 2018 holiday season, and what appears to be on the horizon.

Podcast: Digital Civil Society, Blockchain, and Data Management in the Nonprofit Sector

In the newest installment of the ATM-Lab podcast series, Chief Editor, Jenee Iyer, speaks with Lucy Bernholz, Director and Senior Research Scholar at Stanford University’s Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society about digital civil society, blockchain, data analytics and more.

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Wading Into Live Streaming with Facebook Live

Live streaming has become a popular trend for performing arts organizations, and many have turned to Facebook to broadcast their shows. Many organizations may find it beneficial to start their live streaming journey with Facebook Live, continue to use the platform for events that are likely to attract a lot of Facebook users, and invest in higher quality live streaming services as they grow.

Making Impactful Digital Maps: Is Mapme the Tool for You?

We often think of maps as simple tools that help guide us to where we are going, but what if you could develop a highly-engaging map that tells a story about who your organization is, the work it does, and the impact it has?  Mapme is a map-building platform that encourages users to do just that.

The Evolving Fusion of AR, Public Art, and Virtual Public Space

Public art in commercial and recreational structures is a means to bring communities together and directly connect people with the physical space around them. Typically, public art is presented in the form of murals, sculptures, architecture, and environmental art. In addition to social bridging, public artworks can serve as identity-markers for particular locations, mediums to express distinct points of view, and vehicles to inspire personal and social change.