Using AI Powered Art to Increase Social Equity

What if we, as artists, could learn to use AI to remove the barriers between gender, race, and social status? Here are 3 takeaways for arts managers to consider when thinking of how to better engage audiences and communities within their institutions through AI.

Image Credit: Dinkins, Stephanie. "Project al-Khwarizmi (PAK)." Dinkins Studio.

12 Podcasts to Bring the Arts to Your Playlist

Podcasts aren’t just for news and politics anymore. Arts and culture podcasts represent a small but growing niche in the field as an engaging channel for sharing stories, exploring industry trends, and offering a behind-the-scenes perspective into the different arts disciplines. For managers keen on adding more arts and culture content to their playlists and seeing how other arts organizations are leveraging the podcast medium, here’s a list of shows to check out.

Physical and Digital Conservation Planning for Art in Exterior Spaces

One of the most challenging aspects of publicly exhibited works is their conservation, both in the physical and digital sense. One of the most challenging aspects of publicly exhibited works is their conservation. These works are often forced to directly withstand the elements, but also must be protected from graffiti and defacement. There have been examples of conservation issues forcing a public art office to remove an artwork, and Danielle Brazell from the Office of Cultural Affairs in LA described having to de-accession a work that could not be salvaged due to weather-related damage. The Cambridge Arts Council has worked to develop a streamlined system to mitigate problems with a pre-emptive strategy.