Looking to Comic Book Distribution Methods for New Way of Applying Browsing Systems and Animated Viewing Experiences

The comic book industry has been utilizing technology to create novel distribution pathways for many of their materials. By examining their solutions arts organizations may gain inspiration for ways to archive their textual or print works, and create interactive and engaging way for audience to appreciate the artworks.

Using AI Powered Art to Increase Social Equity

What if we, as artists, could learn to use AI to remove the barriers between gender, race, and social status? Here are 3 takeaways for arts managers to consider when thinking of how to better engage audiences and communities within their institutions through AI.

Image Credit: Dinkins, Stephanie. "Project al-Khwarizmi (PAK)." Dinkins Studio. https://www.stephaniedinkins.com/project-al-khwarizmi.html.

Amadeus Code: Brave New World of A.I. Music Generation

Japanese startup Amadeus Code, an “artificial intelligence-powered songwriting assistant,” is the latest app that is riding the wave of A.I. art-generation. The algorithm scans a diverse database of popular music from the past 500 centuries (in theory - the earliest song this reviewer discovered was Schubert’s “Ave Maria” from 1825) and allows the user to specify the note range and length, drama, familiarity, and era. The app then creates a unique instrumental harmony based on these specifications, drawing inspiration from songs that have similar characteristics.