Podcast: Digital Civil Society, Blockchain, and Data Management in the Nonprofit Sector

In the newest installment of the ATM-Lab podcast series, Chief Editor, Jenee Iyer, speaks with Lucy Bernholz, Director and Senior Research Scholar at Stanford University’s Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society about digital civil society, blockchain, data analytics and more.

Uninterrupted Research: Advancing the Digitization of Archives

Art historical research became more scientific with the accessibility of photography, documenting specific features of work and facilitating visual archiving along with the written word. Storing these elements together provides researches with a more complete vision of the narrative overtime.

Digital Humanities: Library of Congress Labs Opens Collections for Productivity and Play

Archives generally are expected to be places of preservation and documentation, as opposed to innovative research. However, the Library of Congress, America’s oldest archive, just recently unveiled a virtual laboratory space to promote experimental research and creative uses for their aged collections.

Creative Crowdsourcing: How the Smithsonian Turned Data Entry into Engagement

Museum collections, specifically archives, in arts and research institutions are frequently viewed negatively partially because their upkeep is expensive and complicated, taking over precious work-hours for an already overworked staff. The Smithsonian Institution's ongoing operation of a Digital Transcription Center demonstrates that this upkeep can be accomplished in a cost-saving and engaging way.