#TBT: Database Systems in the Arts

Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM) are a vital element at the heart of many arts organizations. Databases can provide invaluable information to marketers, fundraisers, and box office staff alike. This week’s throwback takes a look at some of AMT Lab’s more popular interviews and features concerning CRM systems. 

Interview with Fractured Atlas’ Selena Juneau-Vogel

Launched in 2013, Artufl.ly is a CRM system created by Fractured Atlas. In this 2014 interview, former AMT Lab Chief Editor Stewart Urist talks to Artful.ly’s program director about the system’s beginnings, and the future possibilities for all CRM systems.


Present vs. Future Return on CRM Selection

This case study from 2014 walks through how one “nano-nonprofit,” Washington DC’s Pallas Theatre Collective, went about researching, selecting, and implementing a CRM solution. Pallas recognized that investing in a single database to store all of the organization’s data meant investing in their future.


Database Decisions for the Nano-Nonprofit: Parts 1 and 2

This two part series by Katherine Schouten illustrates the potentials, challenges, and choices facing small nonprofits interested in adopting a new database system. The first part addresses common concerns for CRM adopters, while the second part is a review of Artful.ly, one practical solution.


The Importance of Change Management

Drawing on the work of David Maxfield, this 2014 piece by Erin Wagner looks at technology implementationthrough the eyes of an arts organization adopting a new CRM solution. This is a great resource for any technology professional worried about managing change as they introduce a new system.



Banner image by Martin Grandjean, licensed under Creative Commons.