How Do You Compare in Digital Fundraising?

AMT Lab is researching emerging digital fundraising tools so that arts organizations can, hopefully, take a bigger part of the 14% increase in online giving. With $380 billion dollars of giving in the USA in 2017 and more people than ever giving online, the future of fundraising is changing before us.  And don't be fooled -- the majority of the online donors were older than 49 years old.  To understand how the arts can maximize current and emerging fundraising opportunities, a benchmark of what is happening in the field today is underway.

Hands Off Our Data: Shifting Consumer Attitudes

The collection and analysis of consumer data is a practice that grows more ubiquitous and complex everyday. However, the dangers of mass data collection are self-apparent, and it appears that consumers might be reaching a tipping point when it comes to companies using their personal information. New evidence from the Pew Research Center suggests that growing numbers of consumers are often confused, impatient, and discouraged when it comes to how companies use their data.

What Motivates YOUR Audience?

Earlier this year the NEA expanded its analysis of the 2012 Survey of Public Participation in the field to better understand the drivers behind various types of participation, from attendance to art-making. This study, entitled "When the Going Gets Tough," not only provides insight into what barriers affect different types of audiences, but also reveals that there is a significant core group of "interested non-attendees."