Using Technology to Assess Students in Music Education Programs

There are many ways that technology can aid in assessing students’ progress, for both the teacher and the student. One such application of technology in both the private or group music lesson is drill and practice software, which can “provide a more persistent learning since it allows a drill and practice at desired level and desired amount” (Nart 80).

Image Source: (Linden 535)

Guest Author: ReMasterpieces: A Machine Learning Powered Provenance Research Tool

ReMasterpieces is an academic research project created with two goals in mind: first, to recreate missing works of art using computer vision and machine learning and present the works to the original owners and second, to educate and empower people to find the actual missing works of art.

Going Beyond Google: Data Sources and Visualization

Finding data and analyzing it takes time, something in short supply for most arts managers.  But without taking the time to collect and analyze data, arts managers are making decisions without knowledge. Here are two tools and one source to consider as you move forward in your work.