Using Technology to Assess Students in Music Education Programs

There are many ways that technology can aid in assessing students’ progress, for both the teacher and the student. One such application of technology in both the private or group music lesson is drill and practice software, which can “provide a more persistent learning since it allows a drill and practice at desired level and desired amount” (Nart 80).

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Apps, Technology and Audience Engagement - An Interview with Jane Alexander of the Cleveland Museum of Art

Jane Alexander, the Chief Digital Information Officer of the Cleveland Museum of Art discusses the ArtLens app, audience engagement, digital natives, and social sharing in the newest episode of the AMT-Lab podcast series.

Art on the Go with Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Adobe Creative Cloud’s Photoshop Sketch is a mobile and tablet app that allows users to create expressive, digital drawings on the go. Artworks are created through the use of “natural” tools, such as pens, pencils, markers, and watercolor brushes, which are designed to interact naturally with the digital canvas to mirror the texture and blending effects rendered when working on paper.

4 Ways to Increase Accessibility for Low-Vision and Blind Patrons in Art Museums

Technical innovations are increasing opportunities for patrons who have low or no vision to engage with the arts. There are four dominant approaches for serving these members of the community: seeing through touch tours, beacon technology, audio description, and applications on personal devices.

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What's On Your Phone, Jaron Keener?

Jaron Keener is the Exhibition Designer and Production Manager at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History (CMNH). He has worked in the museum industry for more than seven years designing exhibits for art galleries, military and history museums, and historic houses, including the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum in Washington DC and First Division Museum in Illinois.