As Notre Dame Looks to Rebuild Digital Data May Guide Restoration Efforts

Last week the world watched in shock as Notre Dame, a building that has stood as a sentinel over hundreds of years of French history, burned. While the physical and psychological devastation of these events is difficult to fathom and must not be trivialized, technological projects carried out at many of these historical locations and museums provide a ray of hope that what is gone may not truly be forever lost.

Using Technology to Assess Students in Music Education Programs

There are many ways that technology can aid in assessing students’ progress, for both the teacher and the student. One such application of technology in both the private or group music lesson is drill and practice software, which can “provide a more persistent learning since it allows a drill and practice at desired level and desired amount” (Nart 80).

Image Source: (Linden 535)

Never Tried VR? Neither Had Our Writer. What is it Really Like for a First Time User?

If you are creating a VR experience for your institution there is a reasonable chance it will be your guest’s first VR experience. Crafting an experience that is intuitive, has a well designed introduction, and an appropriate time to readjust to the “real” world afterwards can help make their first experience a great one.

Playing with Reality in the Performing Arts - AR, VR, and MR

Immersive Experiences (AR, VR, and mixed reality) are emerging in the performing arts world. Let’s take a close look to gain a better understanding of the reasons why performing arts organizations implement these kinds of technology and discover whether it was worth the investment at this time in the technology’s development.

Looking to Comic Book Distribution Methods for New Way of Applying Browsing Systems and Animated Viewing Experiences

The comic book industry has been utilizing technology to create novel distribution pathways for many of their materials. By examining their solutions arts organizations may gain inspiration for ways to archive their textual or print works, and create interactive and engaging way for audience to appreciate the artworks.