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Connecting Artists with Communities: Interview with Springboard for the Arts' Laura Zabel

Connecting Artists with Communities: Interview with Springboard for the Arts' Laura Zabel

Laura Zabel, Executive Director of Springboard for the Arts, recently sat down with former AMT-Lab Chief Editor Stewart Urist to talk about the organization’s focus on the relationship between artists and their communities. Listen to their complete talk here.

Part Two Talking about the Virtual Pillow

Ella Baff, Artistic and Executive Director of Jacob’s Pillow visited Carnegie Mellon on Tuesday February 28.  The following addendum to last week’s blog post is a result of online conversations with Jacob's Pillow General Manager Connie Chin. Andre Bouchard:  Could you talk about the development process of the Virtual Pillow? How did you decide what features to put in? How did the process unfold?

Part 1 Talking about the Virtual Pillow: Ella Baff, Executive and Artistic Director of Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival

This interview with Ella Baff, Executive and Artistic Director of the Jacob’s Pillow Festival, took place on Friday, February 17th.  Ella Baff will be speaking at Carnegie Mellon University on Tuesday, February 28, 2012 as part of the Masters in Arts Management Speaker Series.

Podcast Episode #78 - Seven Digital Trends and Their Implications for the Creative Sector

TITA78-ImageFor this end-of-year podcast episode, we take a look at numerous trends in the technology sector and their implications for nonprofit arts and culture organizations. David talks with Brian Newman, author of the essay "Inventing the Future of the Arts: Seven Digital Trends that Present Challenges and Opportunities for Success in the Cultural Sector" from the recently published 20UNDER40: Re-Inventing the Arts and Arts Education for the 21st Century. Their conversation explores ways in which the trends identified in Brian's essay will impact the creative sector as well as how arts organizations can adapt to these shifts in our culture.  Topics include:  downsizing and mergers, with-profit collaborations, disintermediation and the new role for curators, particpatory culture, electracy, and more.

Cool Sites of the Episode

20Under40 - For further information on the project, discussion forums addressing the ideas put forth by these arts leaders, and more. Buy the hardback | Buy the e-book | Discuss Brian's chapter

SpringBoardMedia - Brian Newman's blog on the future of the media arts.  You can also follow Brian on Twitter at @bnewman01.

The Long Tail - Wired editor Chris Anderson's book about the potential power of niche markets.

The Participatory Museum - Nina K. Simon's guide to making cultural institutions more dynamic, relevant and essential.

Podcast Episode #76 - Virtual Lobbies, Facebook Advertising Strategy, and Online Marketing Hits and Misses

Podcast76In this second podcast episode in a three-part series (1 | 3) featuring interviews from the National Arts Marketing Project conference, we talk with three arts professionals about their marketing successes (and some misfires). We lead off the episode with Amelia Northrup interviewing Sara Billman from the University Musical Society about the UMS Lobby - a virtual space, accessible year-round, where UMS offers multiple streams of engagement activities.

Next up, David Dombrosky talks with Robert Gore from Theatre Development Fund (TDF) about strategic tips for success with Facebook ads.  These tips are simple and easy for any arts organization to implement.

Finally, Amelia wraps up the episode by interviewing the Susannah Greenwood (aka The Princess) of Artsopolis, the Silicon Valley’s ultimate online guide to arts and culture, about the various online marketing strategies that Artsopolis has employed (both successful and not-so-much) as well as ways to engage Gen Y audiences.

Podcast Episode #75 - NAMP 2010 Breakdown with Ron Evans

Ron Evans
Ron Evans

In the first in a three-part series of podcast episodes (2 | 3) featuring interviews from the National Arts Marketing Project Conference, David talks with Ron Evans from Group of Minds Arts Marketing and Technology Consultants about the events and phenomena of interest during the conference. The conversation includes:

- Live streaming video during arts conferences - Conference participants using Twitter to communicate with each other and those unable to attend - Notable plenaries and panel sessions - Tips for arts conference planners - The art of conference presentations - Minimalism vs Bullet Crazy - Reasons to lose your NAMP Conference virginity

Cool Sites of the Episode:

Technology in the Arts' Conference Recap Videos on Vimeo - Imagine a cross between The View and an arts conference. 'Nuff said.

NAMP 2010 on Livestream - The NAMP Conference provided live streaming video for two plenaries and one panel session to the general public courtesy of support from Livestream.

Twitter Discussion for NAMP 2010 - The use of Twitter to communicate with each other exploded among attendees at this year's NAMP Conference with over 5,000 tweets during the 3.5 day event.

Backupify - Daily online backup for your social media and software-as-a-service data.

Presentations on Google Docs - Allows you to keep your presentation in a tab within your browser so that you can jump between the presentation and online content.

Podcast Episode #70 - Discussion of "Theatre & Social Media in 2009" with Devon Smith

Social MediaIn this episode of the Technology in the Arts podcast, CAMT marketing assistant Pat Germann interviews Devon Smith, director of research and analysis for Yale Repertory Theatre, about her recent report "Theatre & Social Media in 2009." Devon Smith holds an MBA from Yale School of Management, an MFA in Theatre Management from the Yale School of Drama, a Bachelors of Business Administration and a Bachelors of Arts from the University of Washington. She is a long time nonprofit manager, social media addict, and has developed a burgeoning interest in cinematography and world travel. With a voracious appetite for blogs & books, she is currently in pursuit of a fabulous, high paying, soul-fulfilling job that combines all of her interests–or, you know, anyone willing to actually hire her.

Read the full report (PDF 5.8 MB) >>

Visit Devon's blog:


Podcast Episode #69 - Social Media Spotlight on the Mattress Factory

JeffInschoIn this episode of Technology in the Arts, Corwin Christie talks with Jeffrey Inscho, Director of Media and Public Relations for the Mattress Factory - a museum of contemporary installation art, about ways in which arts organizations can develop cost effective technology initiatives and partner with technology providers. Related Links Mattress Factory - Friendship v2.0 SCREEENtxt BrightKite MF iConfess Deep Local

Podcast Episode #68 - Walker Arts Center's Social Media Experiments and Tips for Email Marketing

JustinAndGeneIn this episode of Technology in the Arts, Amelia Northrup interviews Justin Heideman, New Media Designer at the Walker Art Center, about recent online projects that have propelled the Walker into the forefront of art organizations engaging their audiences through social media. Related websites: West St. Paul video My Yard Our Message

Also in this episode, Corwin Christie catches up with Patron Technology president Gene Carr to talk about e-mail marketing strategies for arts organizations.