Brave New World: Symphony Orchestras & Online Experiences

Berlin Philharmonic,  Digital Concert Hall

Berlin Philharmonic, Digital Concert Hall

The New York Times recently published an article profiling the rise of web streaming, mobile apps, and other online technologies employed by symphony orchestras and operas to reach music lovers in modes beyond the concert hall. AMTLab contributor Bianca Oertel continues the conversation in her white paper Creating Online Audiences for Orchestras, now available from AMTLab's publication series on audience engagement.

Just what is an online audience? How does it differ from an offline audience? How does participating in the arts through electronic media and online channels relate to the attendance of arts events? Moreover, exactly what (and how) are symphony orchestras using these digital technologies to engage with individuals around the world? Explore the discussion of these and other questions, while learning about the efforts of three internationally acclaimed orchestras: the Berlin Philharmonic, Philharmonia Orchestra, and Detroit Symphony Orchestra.