Audience Engagement

RFID Technology: Implementation Possibilities in the Patron Experience

Anne Marie Padelford | February 2016

In this new white paper, AMT Lab Contributor Anne Marie Padelford takes a look at the emerging potential uses of RFID technology in museums. From education to ticketing, RFID could prove to be a powerful tool for museums to connect with their visitors.

User Level: Intermediate


How Can MOOC Providers Create an Interactive Learning Experience in the Arts?

Wanqi Peng | January 2016

In this new publication, AMT Lab Contributor Wanqi Peng shares her research on the current state of arts education in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Included in the report is an overview of the field, a summary of trends in digital arts courses, and a course study following a pioneer of online arts education. 

User Level: Beginner


Gallery One at the Cleveland Museum of Art: Connecting Audiences to Art Through Technology

Sarah Murphy | July 2015

Using WolfBrown’s “Making Sense of Audience Engagement” framework to explore the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Gallery One initiative and to show how technology is able to reach a wide audience by filling diverse needs of engagement. 

User Level: Intermediate


Opening Doors: Welcoming New Audiences with Sensory-Friendly Performances

Christine Sajewski | July 2015

A best practice guide on developing meaningful and effective sensory-friendly programming.

User Level: Intermediate


Creating Online Audiences For Orchestras

Bianca Oertel | April 2014

Discussion of current practices to cultivate online audiences and the potential opportunities they hold for the symphony orchestra industry.

User Level: Intermediate


Through the Looking Glass: How Google Glass Will Change the Performing Arts

Thomas Rhodes & Samuel Allen | January 2014

Findings from Google Glass beta testing in performing arts venues.

User Level: Intermediate


Gamification in the Arts

Andre Bouchard | May 2013

When and how to use game layers to enhance development and marketing.

User Level: Intermediate