The Art of Data Management

This post, originally published on Analysis from TRG Arts, is the second in a series of blog posts sharing success stories and best practices to highlight the benefits of effective data management. Find the first post here.

Data isn’t about numbers. It’s about people. When analyzed, data tells stories about people and their actions. Right now, in your database, a story exists about the decisions that people in your organization make. And, a story exists for every patron, which chronicles their relationship with your organization. 

Research Update 1: How Technology Supports Collaborative Artistic Projects

Picture a producer preparing for the upcoming world premiere Contemporary Color“a pep rally pop music mashup.” Conceived by David Byrne and commissioned by Luminato Festival and Brooklyn Academy of Music, Contemporary Color will bring together artists such as Nelly Furtado, St. Vincent, and Ira Glass, 350 performers, and a 15 piece band for its world-premiere performance in Toronto this summer. Not only are the artists, performers, and musicians all located in different cities across North America, great distances also separate the designers, technicians, and other producers. To coordinate the project across these distances, the producer relies on online collaborative tools to orchestrate the project from pre-production to post-production.

What's on Your Phone, Carrie Nardini?

Contributor Kristen Sorek West speaks to Carrie Nardini, the founder and Director of Pittsburgh’s I Made it! Market, about her favorite mobile apps. Click here to read the full interview

Attendance Trends: A Case for Technology in Museums

How can museums better engage and reach audiences when trends are showing decreases in attendance across the board? Cleveland Museum of Art''s Gallery One and ArtLens initiatives may be a model to look to. 

Tableau: The High Cost / High Reward of Data Visualization

With more than 23,000 customer accounts, Tableau has established itself as a powerhouse of data visualization experts.   Clients include aerospace companies such as SpaceX, healthcare institutes like John Hopkins Hospital, and even financial sector customers such as Goldman Sachs.  But what does Tableau- a rather expensive budget line item- do for its non-profit customers like the Red Cross?  What does data visualization even mean for non-profit groups, let alone arts organizations?

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