Teaching Arts Through Tech: Part 1

AMT Lab Correspondent Jackie Shimshoni sat down with Jane Alexander, Chief Information Officer at the Cleveland Museum of Art to talk about their remarkable merging or art and technology - Gallery One. This interview is the first part of a new 3-part podcast series of interviews with individuals making contributions to the field of integrated arts and tech.  

Listen to it by clicking here.

New Product Review Available: ARTLENS

AMT Lab correspondent Filippo Stefania shares his impressions of the Cleveland Museum of Art's new ARTLENS app. Read his full review here and please share your comments or experiences in the comments!

Promoting Digital Media Art through Digital Media tools

In our technology-stuffed world, the difficulties faced by video artists seem paradoxical. Due to high up-front costs, and the difficulty of handling and selling digital technologies, established institutions such as art galleries and museums often shun their work. Artists may look at the entertainment industry as an alternative, but find themselves unfulfilled, as musicians typically come first in these sorts of collaborations.

Research Update: Using Google Analytics to Derive Insights from Data

In November 2012, NTEN and Idealware released the results of a survey studying nonprofit’s data use. Surprisingly, “outreach” data, or data relating to marketing, fundraising, and general communication activities, was commonly collected but infrequently used to inform future decisions. For instance, NTEN and Idealware discovered that 71% of those surveyed tracked the number of people on their mailing lists, yet only 23% used that data to inform spending and budgeting decisions.

Research Update: Google for Nonprofit Arts

In today’s culture, Google is seen as one of the most innovative technology companies in the world.  From its search engine to the Android operating system, Google has permeated every aspect of our techno-centric lifestyles.  Beyond the scope of their technological accomplishments, Google strives to help nonprofit organizations around the world by providing them with free online tools and access to grant monies.  Follow the development of this research here.


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