Hammerstep Co-Founder on Intersection Between Dance and Technology

Hammerstep is a progressive modern dance company with influences from historically rebellious dance forms, including Irish, tap, hip hop and African stepping and strives to push artistic boundaries through the groundbreaking use of technology and thought-provoking themes. AMT Lab contributor Katie Grennan caught up with co-founder Garrett Coleman to talk about how technology has allowed him to take his innovative dance company to the next level. Read the full interview here.

Arts Education in MOOCs

In the past, AMT-Lab has published pieces such as “What’s A MOOC?” and “MOOC for Arts Managers.” In this article, AMT-Lab Contributor Vicky Peng continues to examine this trend while looking specifically at the state of arts education in MOOCs.

What's On Your Phone, Chris Powell?

AMT Lab Contributor, Kevin O’Hora, recently caught up with Christopher Powell, the Director of Administration and Community Engagement at The Glimmerglass Festival. Read more to learn about which apps relate to his everyday life as an arts administrator. 

Big Data, Big Jobs

Data workers are the new must-have for a company. McKinsey Global Institute predicts that in the next three years, there will be a need for 1.5 million data analysts and managers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists these careers as one of the fastest growing occupations in all sectors. So from a data analyst to a business analyst to an application analyst to a data scientist, who is who? And with overlapping skills, how can a nonprofit arts organization figure out the difference? 


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