Research Update #3: Best Practices of Twitter

According to statistics from Digitalbuzz, there are over 288 million monthly active users on Twitter, 60% of which access the social network from mobile.

Contributor Aoni Wang investigates some best practices for this growing platform by continuing her examination of the Met, Warhol, and Tate's social media strategies. Click here to read the full article.

New Review Now Available: Reddit

AMT Lab Contributor Claire Young reviews Reddit, the "front page of the internet," and offers some ideas about how arts organization might use this popular tool to reach new audiences and promote their institutions. Read the full review here.

Google Cardboard: Virtual Reality for the Rest of Us

Universal access to Virtual Reality (VR) technology is on the horizon.  Rapid developments in advanced VR technology coming from companies such as Oculus Rift and Google have piqued the interest of entrepreneurs in many sectors.  Through VR, people can now experience concerts, roller coasters, and even test-drive cars from the comfort of their homes.  Savvy arts managers should pay close attention to this technology. Audience engagement could very well shift from filling seats to wearing headsets within the next decade. Read the full product review here.

How Museums Are Dealing With New Media Art: Part 2

In 2000 the Washington DC based Smithsonian American Museum of Art announced the creation of the New Media/New Century Award.  The New Media/New Century Award became one of first projects to support  new art created for the Web. The museum accepted proposals for original Web-based projects that explored the subject of American landscape, and how the new medium of Web art affected the American landscape as a subject. 

Though the project is over 10 years old, it demonstrates the early and exceptional sensibility of the Smithsonian’s curators. They understood the growing relevance new media art and especially Web-art, and its impact not only on people’s everyday perceptions, but also on the art scene as a whole.

Research Update #2: Best Practices of Facebook

Per Facebook had reached unprecedented levels of popularity, with “1.19 billion monthly active users”, and over 750 million monthly mobile users. These figures underscore why Facebook is such an important communication channel for arts organizations. However, different organizations will have different objectives when managing their Facebook pages. I covered some general best practices in my first research update, but channel specific best practices also exist. To demonstrate how tactics might differ between organizations, I will us three museums: The Met, the Warhol, and Tate to provide specific examples.


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