Opening Doors: Welcoming New Audiences with Sensory-Friendly Performances

For many families and individuals, the experience of attending a performing arts program is hindered by physical or developmental challenges. And with 1 in 68 American children on the autism spectrum, by neglecting this significant population, our institutions are failing to serve a large part of their community. Sensory-friendly programming creates a performance environment where the traditional theater rules are relaxed to better accommodate a variety of audience members. This introduction is the first in a series of posts on sensory-friendly programming. 

National Ticketing Survey Participation Period Extended!

Already your responses are providing valuable insight. AMT Lab has extended the 2015 National Ticketing Software Satisfaction Survey period through March 7, 2015. Collecting information on the attitudes and behaviors of arts organizations currently using ticketing software, the 2015 National Ticketing Survey will help illustrate the met and unmet ticketing needs of art organizations, and capture how ticketing software uses and needs vary by an organization's discipline, budget, staff size, and geographic location. Clear here for the full announcement. 

Patreon: Crowdfunding for Creatives

Patreon is a relatively young, up-and-coming crowdfunding platform geared specifically toward funding creative works. Its unique patronage model sets it apart from competitors, and has driven its rapid rise in popularity over the past two years. Compared to the popular creative crowdfunding sites IndieGoGo and Kickstarter, Patreon offers some unique characteristics that help it meet organization’s funding needs.  Click here to read the full article.

Using Technology to Engage Nonprofit Boards

Managing communications with nonprofit boards can be a challenging endeavor. Members may be geographically dispersed and extremely busy, making ongoing engagement difficult. Without regular communication, boards stagnate and become disconnected from the work of the organization. An October Techsoup article delves into the wide range of technological tools that may help encourage engagement. Solutions ranging from videoconferencing software, to shared workspaces and storage, to board portals, all have an important role to play in ensuring an active board.

Visualizing Data With Sparkwise

We are surrounded by data, making it difficult to figure out where to begin, let alone how to analyze or use the information. Sparkwise is one of many data visualization tools allowing users to build dashboards, but was actually designed with nonprofit organizations in mind. The free web-based system is particularly useful for low-budget organizations or those just beginning to apply data analytics. Click here to read the full review.


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