Technologies in Arts Integration Curricula

Arts integration has applications across all subject areas in various learning settings. Most articles on visual arts integration do not consider technology; however, it makes sense that they should. By introducing a technological component to arts integration efforts, educators can create an innovative environment where children prepare for the creative and multidisciplinary needs of their future. AMT Lab's latest publication, Technologies in Arts Integration Curriculacompares types of integration hardware, methods of hardware acquisition, types of software, and multiple case studies in order to introduce readers to ways that technology can assist with multidisciplinary curriculum delivery.

2015 Ticketing Survey Reveals Mobile, Web Swing

Contributor Kristen Sorek West discusses some of the major findings from AMT Lab's 2015 national survey on ticketing systems. 

Emerging App and Tech Trends: An Interview With Savvior

Likening themselves to a special forces team, Pittsburgh-based application engineering company Savvior specializes in optimizing a company's existing software systems and custom-developing both web and mobile products. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Keith Giuliani, Savvior's CEO, and Christopher Evans, the company's Vice President, to discuss some of the challenges they see organizations face, trends they see in the field, and an upcoming custom application they are currently developing for the Carnegie Science Center.

Read the full article and listen to the podcast here.

Gallery One: Engaging Audiences Infographic

How do you learn best about art? Maybe you lightly browse, interact with friends, or get right in the middle of the action. There are multiple ways to engage with and explore art forms, however cultural institutions may not always program to meet these needs. 

The Cleveland Museum of Art's Gallery One activities, on the other hand, were designed with people's learning needs and preferences in mind. In this article I apply WolfBrown's Making Sense of Audience Engagement Audience Typologies to the different initiatives to see how learners can interact with the the Art Lens App, Collection Wall, Interactives, and Studio Play at the CMA. 


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