What's On Your Phone, Chad Phillips?

Chad Phillips is the Creative Director of Kwambio, an on-demand e-commerce platform that features customizable designs created with heirloom quality 3D printing technology. Before Kwambio, Chad was the Director of Retail at Cooper-Hewitt, the National Design Museum. AMT Lab Contributor Stephanie Sun recently talked to Chad about his favorite apps.

New Whitepaper: RFID Technology In Museums

AMT Lab's newest white paper looks at the emerging potential uses of RFID technology in museums. From education and engagement to ticketing, RFID could prove to be a powerful tool for museums to connect with their visitors. Read on to see Anne Marie Padelford's full report.

What's On Your Phone, Christine Sajewski?

Christine Sajewski is the External Marketing Analyst at the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. Here, she talks to AMT Lab contributor Colin Baylor about what apps she uses and why.

Interview with Houston Symphony's Director of Business Analytics

Brandon VanWaeyenberghe is the Director of Business Analytics at Houston Symphony. Read this interview by Julia Lewis to hear about VanWaeyenberghe's take on data analytics and the skills that are important in his profession.

How Can We Fix the Music Distribution System?

Despite the development of technologies that allow businesses to operate more efficiently and transparently, it remains difficult for an outsider to see and understand the way in which the music industry pays its artists. The cash flow is becoming more convoluted with an increased diversity of options for consuming music, making it more difficult for artists—even those in the industry—to track how their royalties are calculated. AMT Lab Contributor Colin Baylor explores some potential solutions for this broken system.


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