Crowdsourced Digital Art Projects: Centralization and Agency

As digital crowdsourced art continues as a mode of art making, it is necessary to developed an understanding of which features of digital arts programming are crucial in the engagement of digital audiences. The following analysis of four digital art projects focuses on the participatory, rather than the interactive, specifically projects wherein audiences become artists by participating in the creation of  a piece of art by making one or more creative contributions.  Perhaps not surprising, agency and control were identified as significant to participation. 

Requiem For a Stream: Who's Listening to Classical Music

This is the first of a series on orchestras streaming their performances. This installment centers around the audience. Orchestras have done a lot of research on who their audience is, and there is a lot of data on who streams music. This article talks through both sets of observations and find the overlap between the two.  

Emerging Technology for Fundraising: Part 1 of 5

Fundraising is a critical component of almost every nonprofit arts enterprise.  This spring, the Arts Management and Technology Lab commissioned a national benchmarking analysis and survey of arts organizations on four emerging digital fundraising pathways:  Text message / SMS giving, peer-to-peer portals, Facebook nonprofit tools, and mobile auction apps.   The following kicks off a 5 part series that highlights the findings.  This article offers specific statistics on fundraising with subsequent pieces providing details on the individual pathways and a summary of the national survey's findings.

#TBT: Google Arts & Culture Progression

Google has been working on arts and culture platforms for several years now. AMT Lab has been reporting on it from the beginning. This #TBT explores the early days of the Google Arts & Culture Project and how it progressed into the app explosion earlier this year where Google used the selfie function on your phone to find artwork that looks like you.

Using Evernote to Mobilize Teams

Evernote's logo is the profile of an elephant.  Why? Because elephants "never forget."  Evernote is an intuitive virtual solution (although it has an off-line option). It is useful for individuals and businesses and has many features that make it superior to ‘shared drives’ on locations like Google or Dropbox. The following post outlines how our team has used it, but also how Evernote is improving for businesses through its recent launch of ‘Spaces’.