Digital Security & Infrastracture for Arts Organizations - Baseline Considerations

Over the past decade, digital security and infrastructure have arrived at the forefront of the minds of organizations both small and large. In an increasingly digital business world organizations must remain vigilant in protecting the volumes of data they collect. This article examines the baseline considerations for Arts Organizations in relation to managing and protecting both business and patron-side data. 

Go mobile or go home? Strategies for Success

Arts Marketers -- you know the news: mobile is the future and the future is here.  Data is necessary to navigate that space, and a recent research report by Jack Loechner breaking down the recent white paper by MobileFirstWorld offers some excellent data on mobile behaviors and strategies to improve on the current national rate of cart abandonment:  78%. To start: here is some startling data that might convince you that mobile is here.  Over 30% of the human populations has a smartphone.  And once in a user's hand, he checks it over 150 times per day. (Is that you?)