Frustrated by Managing Multiple Social Media Channels? Buffer It!

Do you manage social media at an arts organization that has an online presence on multiple social channels? If so, have you found yourself in one of the following scenarios?

·             You need to promote an upcoming event on your organization’s social media platforms. To do so, you go to each social media site and post or share the same content on each platform.

·             You are an employee in your organization’s marketing department where you are responsible for managing social media in addition to several other duties. You stop your other work every two or three hours to post things online since you don’t want to overwhelm your audience by posting too much content all at once.

·             To design an effective social media schedule, you spend time observing and analyzing the best time of the day and/or the best days of the week to update your organization’s social media.

If you struggle with the situations described above, it is time to try Buffer! This social media management tool will help you tackle all these issues and provide many other fantastic features as well. To find out more, read AMTLab's review of Buffer.