AMTLab Reader Poll: Sound Familiar...or All Wrong?

Three questions, three wishes...and a three-way tie. As AMTLab prepares to close its 2014 Reader Poll at the end of the week, we're in a dead heat for the topics of most interest to our readers. Here's where we stand:

1. What technological challenges do you face as an arts manager?

TIE: Insufficient funding, Not enough IT support staff, Organizational resistance to use of technologies

2. What management problems do you need technology to solve in your arts organization?

TIE: Analytics, Fundraising, Communications--Internal (across departments, staff, stakeholders, etc.)

3. What research would you like to see regarding social media?

1st PLACE: Analysis tools

TIE FOR 2nd PLACE: Monitoring tools, Platform reviews

So the question: Do these topics sound right to you, or are you interested in seeing other issues addressed? The AMTLab Reader Poll will close Friday, March 21 at midnight. Cast your vote now!