Podcast Episode #74 - Developing Your Digital Analytics Toolkit

websiteanalyticschartIn this episode of the Technology in the Arts podcast, Molly Hanse talks with Michael Newberry from the Global Analytics Team at OMD, one of the world's leading companies in media communications, about measuring progress in arts organizations and how to develop your digital analytics toolkit as an arts manager.  Their conversation covers analytic tools for your online communications, choosing which data to analyze, making decisions based on data analysis, determining where to invest in advertising, and more. Cool Sites of the Episode:

Google Analytics - It's robust.  It's free.  If you aren't addicted to it yet, you should be.  This tool provides you with all of the basic tools you need to determine how well your website is serving your organization.

Google Insights for Search - Allows you to compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties.

Quantcast - Web analytics experts building powerful statistical technology to understand digital media audiences. Offer free and paid levels of audience analysis.