What do you think about your ticketing software?

Image adapted from Flikr user  Freaktography

Image adapted from Flikr user Freaktography

We are conducting the 2015 North American survey of Ticketing Software during the month of February.  The survey audience includes both visual and performing arts

The goals of the survey are three-fold:

  1. Catalog current ticketing software used in the field

  2. Understand the way institutions are using their software

  3. Determine what is valued in a ticketing software system

If you would like your organization to be included in the study, please let us know via online form or email info@amt-lab.org. 

Picture from Flickr user  Garry Knight

Picture from Flickr user Garry Knight

All those participating in the survey will receive a full copy of the report which will provide a national view as well as cluster analyses by discipline, budget size, and geographic region. The data will be useful for both organizations and vendors.  Organizations will gain a better understanding of their own practices as compared to their peers and, more importantly, be able to use the findings as evidence for future technology funding campaigns.  Vendors will have explicit evidence as to the needs and wants for future software design.

Luckily, interested readers will not have to wait until May to hear some of the results. Over the next few months our core research team will share preliminary findings and specific data viewpoints. 

The survey is open from February 2nd - February 28th.  This research project continues  the tradition of our predecessor, Technology in the Arts' 2009 and 2011 Ticketing Surveys.  Those who remember the previous surveys will find the 2015 edition upgraded to match new demands of a mobile marketplace.  Additionally, the report will provide a more pointed analysis with an emphasis on use value for all participants.