Research Update: Crowd-Funding through Google




With the development of crowd-funding programs through companies such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Patreon, artists have many new ways to generate both funding and visibility.  Arts and culture organizations have a harder time competing with individual artists on these platforms.  In an effort to assist these organizations as they try to change the world, Google now offers its own crowd-funding platform for nonprofit organizations: Google’s One Today.

 This little known program developed by Google has resided in the recesses of the Internet for a little over a year.  As the developers at Google refine the program, more and more organizations are utilizing its simple and effective process to raise funding.


Here’s how it works:

1.     Nonprofits set up an account and describe their projects.

2.     Users download the One Today app through Google Play or the iTunes Store.

3.     Users search for projects based on their interests, and Google highlights projects.

4.     Each user donates $1 to a project, and they share the project with their friends and challenge them to donate.

5.     Google sends all donations (minus credit card transaction fees) to the nonprofits through Google Wallet.

6.     Nonprofits change the world one dollar at a time.


So far, One Today hasn’t gained much traction in the arts and culture sector, however some organizations are testing the waters.  Warrior Gateway, a nonprofit organization that strives to connect veterans and service members with others in their communities, has partnered with mural artist Sam Welty to raise money through One Today.  This project facilitates the creation of murals around the USA to “honor the men and women who serve and sacrifice for our freedoms.”  They call their project Patriots in Paint.

 Other organizations, such as the Reconciliation Project and Proyecto Horizonte, are also utilizing the One Today to raise funding for their arts initiatives.

 In an era of increased pressure on arts and culture organizations to show value to their communities, Google’s One Today provides a platform for organizations to show their value through the engagement of many donors who would be willing to donate $1.

 One Today is only one of the many amazing resources Google has to offer nonprofit arts and culture organizations.  In a few weeks, I will present my complete findings on what Google has to offer your organization.  Stay tuned, and get ready to empower your organization through Google!