Let's Talk About Tumblr: Part 3 [mini-nar]

Tumblr is one of those platforms I love to talk about - and this mini-nar is for those who love it too. I've got cool tricks and tips, but this mini-nar moves are a pretty good clip. If you haven't seen our other posts on Tumblr, maybe check those out before you watch this. We discussed the arts communities possible shift towards Tumblr, some of the recent updates, and last week - in the second part of this series - we had a mini-nar on the basics of creating a Tumblr. If you feel you've got all that down, here's a lesson in really engaging a Tumblr audience. http://youtu.be/HAqAO0VgukA

Newsweek and Anderson both have great Tumblrs, and I was excited to feature them this week. Call Me A Heinzer is a hilarious Tumblr (and personal fave, as Tech in the Arts is an initiative from the Master of Arts Management program of Carnegie Mellon University's Heinz College).

If you or your arts organization have a Tumblr, please let us know! Write a comment! I'd love to see what you're doing!