Let's Talk About Tumblr: Part 2 [mini-nar]

If you haven't heard about Tumblr, you haven't been reading Tech in the Arts. Tumblr just announced they will be including ads in their service soon, and has been making waves in the news. We've talked about the use of Tumblr for the arts communities, the latest updates to Tumblr, and now we're proud to present a mini-nar on how to use Tumblr. New technology can seem prohibitive, but this mini-webinar is designed to show you how simple Tumblr can be, and how other arts organizations are utilizing Tumblr. http://youtu.be/m8fT-RJhizc

Featured Tumblr blogs include SFMOMA, February 30th Productions, and Cave to Canvas.

Part 3 of our "Let's Talk About Tumblr" series will be posted next friday - but in the mean time, how are you using Tumblr? Is your arts organization reaching out to the community on Tumblr? Tell us about your success (or failure!)