Podcast Episode #79 - Audience Engagement Platform

TITA79In this episode, David talks with Chris Elam from Misnomer Dance Theater about the upcoming launch of the Audience Engagement Platform, an innovative web-based communications network designed to connect artists, and the environments within which they work, with their audiences – patrons, contributors, the media, and potential funders. First announced in 2008, the Audience Engagement Platform has been developing steadily with Elam's leadership.  The platform will provide templates for multiple ways in which artists can create deeper engagement experiences for their audiences.  Artists will also  have the opportunity to see what types of engagement activities their peers are creating.

According to Elam and the AEP team:

Over 40% of all Americans attend performing arts events each year, and there are over 6 million artists working in America. While each interacts with his/her own audience base perhaps once or twice a year, their cumulative reach is enormous. Artists have a huge opportunity to engage their audiences through the web, yet with uncertainty about which tools to use and to what degree, artists often feel stranded, frustrated, and static in their audience outreach. AEP will simplify and streamline the various online vehicles available, and it will create effective and efficient ways of engaging and growing audiences.

Cool Sites of the Episode: AEPlatform - The online space for staying up-to-date on the Audience Engagement Platform

Misnomer Dance Theater - So you've heard about their work with AEP, now check out their amazing work in dance