Podcast Episode #80 - Mobile App Development at the Warhol

Image via In this episode, Thomas talks with the Andy Warhol Museum's Josh Jeffrey, the Web and Digital Media Manager, and Tresa Varner, the Curator of Education, about their new mobile apps and the development process behind them. From augmented reality to silkscreening on the iPhone, no two apps at the Warhol are exactly alike.

Cool sites of the episode:

The Andy Warhol Museum - The home of everything Andy Warhol, this Pittsburgh based museum features work by the artist as well as exhibitions of contemporary artists from around the world.

Brunner Digital - This advertising and software development company worked with the Warhol on many of the apps mentioned in the episode.

Toura - Focused on tourism and travel industries, this mobile software development company has worked with the Warhol as well as multiple other museums and cultural institutions.

Podcast Episode #71 - Audience 2.0, Smartphone Apps and Tips for Working with Developers


In this episode of Technology in the Arts, Brad and David welcome Jeff Inscho to the Heinz College staff at Carnegie Mellon University and launch into a rowdy conversation featuring:

Cool Site of the Episode: scribdScribd allows you to easily turn any file—such as PDF, Word and PowerPoint—into a web document and connect with readers through their online community, social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, and search engines like Google.