Take Our Quiz: The Best Project Management Tool For You and Your Team

Project Management Software is the solution organizations are turning to for managing resources, people, deliverables, workflow, and projects. As these tools have started to shift from software to web-based portals, organizations large and small now have access to these time-saving strategies. Arts organizations can use them for programs that involve collaboration across many different departments, clients that want to see benchmark reports, projects with many interdependent steps, or when too many details are getting lost in email.

However, taking the time to compare different lists of  options, searching through reviews for someone from your industry, and reading the software’s own promotional material can take a lot of time. Multiply that by the hundreds of options out there, and sticking with email looks more and more tempting.

This quiz will help expedite the search process. Although the results are by no means exhaustive of every option available, they are the most popular and most highly rated on capterra.com. In 5 minutes, you just might have a new software-solution for your team. At the very least, you will have a better idea of what you are looking for.



Each branch of the quiz was made by comparing the features as listed on product pages on capterra.com and promotional materials. Features or capabilities that were only accessible with extensions and plug-ins were not considered. However, because comparisons were based on the full-product, some capabilities listed might not be available on the free-trial version.

If you would like to see a more in-depth review of anything listed, or if your personal experience is different than advertised, let us know. 


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