Happy New Year from Technology in the Arts!


Welcome to the new year! Technology in the Arts had an amazing 2012, and we're looking forward to an even stronger 2013! There's always room for improvement, and the staff was kind enough to share their tech resolutions for the coming year. Check them out on the right!

In 2013 I resolve to...stay off my sisters' Facebook accounts (maybe) and to make my daily photo blog an ACTUAL daily photo blog! - Elizabeth


In 2013, I resolve to use Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram more frequently than Chinese social media.
I will develop a good habit to reply every important email within one day.
I resolve to regularly read about latest technology.
I will convoy my exciting new findings of the world to others via social media.
- Vivi
I resolve that my 2 year old son doesn't start figuring out how to use a new tech tool before I do. - Kathryn
Publish an e-book on Gamification in the Arts, learn how to use my new smart phone (my first one oddly), and find an employer that loves technology and the arts as much as I do. - Andre
I will master prezi
I will be a better Facebook friend
I will spread creativity at least once a day
And, of course,
I will  read, like, tweet and follow technology on the arts! - Brett
This year I develop concrete social media campaigns and finally upgrade to a new phone! - Rachael

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As 2013 begins, we can't help but be excited about the future. What technologies are you excited to learn or master in the coming year?