Interview with Terre Jones, Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts

Last week, as part of the Master of Arts Management Speaker series, students had the unbelievable opportunity to listen to a talk on leadership by Terre Jones, president and CEO of Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts. Terre sat down with me afterwords to discuss the importance of technology in the work done by Wolf Trap. We discuss the importance of utilizing technology to enhance art, not dictate how it behaves, along with using technology to reach specific audiences (read: young people!). Terre also talked to me about how Wolf Trap has used technology in their programs, including their Face of America series and the Wolf Trap Opera. Perhaps the most interesting part of the conversation revolves around the Wolf Trap STEAM educational program - combining STEM learning with art.

You can listen to the recording below or on our Soundcloud -

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It was a great discussion, and we're really thankful to Terre and Wolf Trap for lending us their time. Where is your organization on the technological spectrum? Is there an organization you know of using technology in an interesting way?