Everything Old Is New Again

Greetings!  As Cary mentioned in a previous post, I accepted the Executive Director position with the Center for Arts Management and Technology; and after three weeks on the job, I couldn't be more thrilled.  I love the mission; the staff is fantastic; and the work environment has been wonderfully inviting.  There's just one thing...relearning Microsoft Office. I know that part of changing jobs involves learning new policies, procedures, systems, and (in this day and age) software; but this is Office I'm talking about here - the backbone of administration, right?  At my previous organization, I grew to be an "advanced" user with Office 2002.  I had a gold star and everything; but now, I have to learn Office 2007, and I'm right back in the novice seat.

Sure, I have transitioned between previous versions of Office, but this is different.  For example, they took away my trusty standard toolbar in Word - you know the one with File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Tools, Window and Help - and replaced it with a Fluent user interface featuring Home, Insert, Page Layout, References, Mailings, Review and View. Okay, okay...maybe that's not such a big deal.

But what about this?  They changed the file extensions.  Now, when I send a MS Word document to a colleague, they receive a .docx file instead of a .doc file.  That's four letters instead of three.  What were they thinking?  Of course, I can save my files in an Office 2002-compatible format before sending them, and Microsoft does offer a series of converters allowing users of previous Office versions to open 2007 files.  

Hmmm, maybe this transition isn't going to be that difficult after all.

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