Blogfather, We Salute You

As this is a blog, I thought it appropriate to point out that Monday was the 10-year anniversary of the term "weblog." The term was first coined on December 17, 1997, by Jorn Barger, an interesting character, to say the least. Barger is a thing of Internet lore, having spent time as a software programmer, a technology theorist and, most recently, a homeless drifter.

Here's a 2005 photo of Barger:

Eek. He may be a bit Charles Manson-esque, but he's the father of blogging, and he deserves some recognition this week.

If you want to check out Barger's own blog, Robot Wisdom, visit As Barger believes a blog should be more a history of Web travels than a journal, you'll notice that he comments very little and mostly offers up links.

And if you'd like to read more about Barger, visit his entry on Wikipedia. Remember, not everything on Wikipedia is true, so take the tales of Barger's travels and trials with a grain of salt.

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