It's easy!

Do you notice anything different with today's post? Let me give you some hints. I used a word processor, but it wasn't designed by Microsoft. I was able to write, edit, and spell check this document with one on line tool. I used ZohoWriter.

ZohoWriter is an on line word processor with many added features. You can create a document, format it, and edit it (with spell check) all on line with ZohoWriter's WYSIWIG editor. Once you created a document you can access it and share it with others from anywhere. All you need is your Internet browser, thus less emails with attachments to keep track of. To keep your documents private just lock them while they're in shared mode. When you are done you can export your documents in different formats such as word, txt, html, or pdf. ZohoWriter even periodically saves your documents so they don't get lost when your PC decides that it wants to shut down by itself.

ZohoWriter can also post a document directly to your blog. No more editing in one application just to cut and paste to another.

It's all so easy! Yay!