Thinking Big with Michael Edson

Michael Edson is a strategist and thought leader at the forefront of digital transformation in the cultural sector. Michael served as the Smithsonian Institution's first Director of Web and New Media Strategy and he is currently the Associate Director and Head of Digital for the United Nations Live—Museum for Humanity, a new institution being envisioned for Copenhagen, Denmark and other locations throughout the world.

Recently, Michael was in Pittsburgh to speak at the Carnegie Museum's Innovation Salon 3 about how museums and other knowledge institutions need to start thinking big, starting small, and moving quickly to accomplish their missions in the digital age.

While Michael was in Pittsburgh he sat down with AMT-Lab Chief Editor Patrick Zakem to talk about his work. Listen to the conversation below to hear Michael's views on organizational change, the digital commons, and how new ways of work are influencing the museum space.


Image by Geert van den Boogaard, 2010. Thumbnail image by Sebastiaan Ter Burg, licensed under Creative Commons.