Podcast Episode #81 - Audience Feedback 2.0 - Quantifying Intrinsic Impact

theatrebayareaIn this episode, David talks with Clayton Lord from Theatre Bay Area about their work on "Audience Feedback 2.0" - a research study conducted with Wolf Brown on measuring the intrinsic impact (intellectual, social,  and emotional) of a theatrical performance on audiences within 18 theatres in 6 cities throughout the United States.  The study seeks to establish:

  • A web-based interface to eventually allow any company to do their own impact study at minimal expense
  • A data set that will be useful for artists, administrators, advocates, funders and audience members
  • A series of national conversations designed to tackle how best to talk about the arts in a way that isn't economic

For more information:

The Intrinsic Impact Project - Theatre Bay Area's current online record for the project

Intrinsic Impact: New Approaches to Audience and Visitor Feedback - a 60-minute webinar conducted by Wolf Brown and hosted by Americans for the Arts.  (Must be an AFTA member to view this webinar.)

Major University Presenters Value and Impact Study - a two-year study of the values and motivations driving performing arts attendance and donation.