#TBT Back to School Edition: Arts, Technology and Education

Now that summer is officially over and autumn is upon us, AMT Lab is looking forward to this exciting school year, and taking a look back at all of our content centered around the intersection of arts, technology, and education. From MOOC’s to mobile technologies in schools, we've always been interested in the way technology allows educators and students to connect.


What’s A MOOC? and MOOCs for Arts Managers

These two 2014 primers on Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) by AMT Lab Contributor Caroline Brent look at the origins of MOOCs and some of the most successful courses from museums to universities. As education becomes increasingly accessible thanks to technology platforms, these early examples of online courses still provide an interesting entry point into how organizations can engage and educate constituents on the opposite side of the world.


Technology in Arts Integration Curricula

Tablets, and laptops, and handhelds, oh my! This white paper by AMT Lab contributor Jackie Shimshoni published this May weighs the value of various mobile devices in the classroom. This guide is perfect for anyone wondering "what hardware is right for my education needs?"


What a Difference an “A” Makes: Moving from STEM to STEAM

This 2012 think-piece by Elizabeth Quaglieri comments on the integration of the arts into STEM fields. Filled with quotes from leaders in the scientific community, this article is a great reminder of how the arts are an essential part of education that values innovation.


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