Remembering 9/11 in Art

As we prepare for this memorial weekend, Tech in the Arts rounded up a few highlights of events taking place in commemoration of the September 11th attacks.

WNYC's Guide to 9/11 Arts Events

While this is an extensive and comprehensive guide to events in New York city, we pulled out a couple of particularly interesting ones relating to technology:

This exhibition space will begin with blank walls. Over the course of two weeks, six artists will fill the walls with crowdsourced images, video projections and multimedia works reflecting what they believe are today's most pressing issues. The six artists are Wafaa Bilal, Melissa Harris, Stephen Mayes, Joel Meyerowitz, Fred Ritchin and Deborah Willis. The gallery will blog and tweet what comes out of the show online (hashtag: #whatmattersnow). Opens on Sept. 7, in Manhattan.

  • 9/11 Memorial

If you can't make it to the memorial, you can preview it here. On the site, there's an interactive timeline, as well as information about a "100 stories appthat uses augmented reality to superimpose the towers onto Manhattan's skyline.

The September 11 Digital Archive

This site offers stories, emails, photos, and interviews mainly from visitors to the site. Unfortunately many of the interviews are in typed form rather than video, but it offers a large repository of information about people's reactions to the attacks.

9/11 Arts Project

A collaboration of artists, social activists, non-profits and interfaith groups in the greater Washington metropolitan area that explores individual, community, and global healing ten years after 9/11.

Follow #911art to be informed of the latest events in this festival of activities that began in August and will continue to September 15. Events include the charity concert, screenings of documentaries, live theater, speakers, and more.

 Shanksville and Flight 93

The National Flight 93 Memorial will be dedicated on Sunday in Shanksville, PA. Yahoo! News has published a very interesting interview with architect Paul Murdoch about the challenges of designing in a remote area and of the controversies and difficulties in designing a public art piece for a nation.