Just in case you didn't believe us...

When we say the Technology in the Arts Podcast is a great resource for a wide span of people - artists, tech geeks, technophobes - we mean it. Yea, we know what you're thinking... we're biased. But the completely impartial Colin Marshall, author of The Sound of Young America's Podthoughts blog, recently wrote a great review for the show. An excerpt:

"One of my favorite aspects of podcasting is that it allows the listener to 'meet' a wide range of new people doing neato projects who they wouldn't normally run into. Technology in the Arts serves up quite a few of those, from the founders of Artlog.com [MP3] to the president of the Association of Arts Administration Educators [MP3] to the co-director of the art-space Future Tenant [MP3]."

And we didn't even pay Colin. In fact, we've never even met him. So check out the Technology in the Arts Podcast to judge for yourself.

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