Yelp for Business Owners

A few months ago, I yelped about Yelp, an online community of business reviews written by John and Jane Public.  At that time, Yelp had provided some advice for business owners on how to manage their image on Yelp.  The information was simple and didn't really provide much in the way of control or features. That advice is still there, but Yelp has just added a Yelp for Business Owners service.  It allows organizations to claim their business page and then access some extra features:  tracking the number of visitors who view your business information on Yelp, private customer messaging, and immediately business information updates, to name a few.

If your organization is aware of its presence on Yelp, and is looking for ways to get more involved, these are some fine features.  If anyone out there uses the Yelp for Business Owners service or has Yelp stories, please feel free to share them in the comments.