Can You Ever Have Too Much Redundancy?

SanDisk has created a flash drive for the forgetful, careless, or paranoid:  the 4GB Cruzer® Titanium Plus, a USB flash drive that automatically copies the drive's contents to an online account every time you plug it into a internet-connected computer. Scenario 1 - You delete an important file from the drive and need to recover it, pronto.  You easily access your online account, which also has 4GB worth of file space.  Your account stores files that you delete from your drive for 30 days provided the total size of the currently backed up drive files and the previously deleted files do not exceed 4GB.

Scenario 2 - You lose the drive.  You have the option to password protect your files using a AES hardware data encryption feature on the drive.  Plus, the drive comes with two years free service with BoomerangIt, a lost-and-found mediator; you slap a sticker on the drive, and, if someone finds it, BoomerangIt facilitates its return (for a fee, of course).

Scenario 3 - You run over the drive with your Subaru. Again, you're covered.  The drive's gone, but your files are still online.

So, what's it going to cost you?  $60 for the drive and $30 a year (after a 6 month free trial) for the online service.  That's a fairly hefty price, at first glance, for a 4GB USB drive, but the peace of mind might be worth it. 

For more details and specs, check out SanDisk's press release.