And a happy morning to you too

I consider myself relatively internet savvy, but admit I am hesitant to utilize some of the more recent computer based media. For example, I don't own a digital camera or mp3 player, my cell phone is pretty basic (no camera or Wi Fi capabilities) and my myspace profile is average at best (no video clips, rotating pictures or artistic graphics). While my technical skills could be significantly updated, it doesn't prevent me from enjoying the intelligent and clever accomplishments of others, particularly when it involves marketing methods and young audiences. Folgers has a snappy video clip on that resonated with my typical morning -- I'm a full time graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University with frequent late night study sessions.

Folgers' commercial, called "Happy Morning", may never receive air time on television as it is only available on the Web. It's intended specifically for a younger demographic and those who count on the internet to supply the majority of their news and information. Dare I suggest these are the same folks attending our concerts, exhibits, workshops and performances?

I realized for-profit businesses are riding the technology wave for all its worth...what are non-profits and arts organizations doing to remain competitive? I'd personally love to see what your organizations are doing to attract new audiences, so if you have a neat video clip, Web site or blog to share, please send it to us!