The Augmented Museum: A Dialogue with Desi Gonzalez and a Collection of Essays

AMT Lab has always had an eye for Augmented Reality. Over the past five years our team has conducted a multitude of research and reporting on the subject. Recently we collected our essays on AR into a book have titled "The Augmented Museum: Essays on Opportunities and Uses of Augmented Reality in Museums". With help from ETC Press  we are proud to announce that this publication is finally ready for your consumption. This book serves as a collection from contributors to the Arts Management and Technology Laboratory of perspectives on how museums are adapting to AR and similar digital disruptions.

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The book is available for purchase or digital download here.

To commemorate this event, we also spoke with Desi Gonzalez, Manager of Digital Engagement at the Andy Warhol Museum. Desi shared a wealth of experiences and insight about how this technology has changed over time, and mused about its future. Both Desi and our new publication seek to examine where augmented reality has been, where it is headed next, and what obstacles lie along the way. To paraphrase Desi:

The single greatest obstacle organizations face when implementing AR experiences is keeping up with the rate at which the technology evolves.

As arts administrators, many of us may be hesitant to wed our organizations to this technology, believing that a firm knowledge of computer science or software design will be required. As augmented reality evolves, the processes simplify and the bar for entry is lowered. It is up to arts managers to rely on our artistic talents to create thoughtful, engaging experiences in AR. Desi states, "[arts administrators] are really good storytellers, we are experts in our content. We just need to figure out how to unlock these objects and stories in interesting ways."



Here at AMT Lab, we are eager to continue documenting the growth and evolution of augmented reality and similar technologies. Our new publication serves to deliver on all of our hard work to this point and we sincerely hope you enjoy it.

To listen to our conversation with Desi use the embedded player below. To check out more dialogues with thought leaders in the arts management and technology realm look up our podcast series on iTunes, Stitcher, and the Google Play Store.