Technology in the Arts #17

Podcast - Technology in the Arts #17 In our most recent podcast, Brad and Jason share a little Girl Talk, and we feature an interview with Dan J. Martin, director of the Institute for the Management of Creative Enterprises at Carnegie Mellon University.

Also, we're still waiting on two things:

1. Someone to answer our second pop quiz: "Name one of the two plays Brad saw while visiting London in March."

2. Someone to respond to the challenge of sending Brad a MySpace page that looks good. The first person to achieve this seemingly impossible task will win a free lunch.

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Use the following handy-dandy links to follow along with the episode: - Podcasting made easy with Liberated Syndication

Thank You Felix - Online home of the Pittsburgh-based theater company Brad co-manages - Pittsburgh-based electronic musician Gregg Gillis

"Girl Talk" on Wikipedia - A link to the "Girl Talk" entry on Wikipedia with links that list the samples used on his albums

Institute for the Management of Creative Enterprises - IMCE's online home

Nonprofit Matrix - Online resources for nonprofit organizations

Princess Video/Game - Music video game by the Norwegian band Rektor

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