AMT Lab News Roundup: August

August tends to be summer's warmest month, and the news in the arts management and technology sector was just as hot. In case you were enjoying the last few days of the season, here is a quick recap of the August news!


Pinterest is about more than fashion and home improvements. It is about discovery, and aspirations. Pinterest is also one of the fastest growing social media platforms. This article outlines how nonprofits can maximize Pinterest's potential.


Worlds Oldest Blockchain Has Been Hiding in the New York Times Since 1995.


Today many blockchains are stored in publicly viewable digital ledgers. However, in the earliest days of blockchain development, encrypted hashes were published in the New York Times.



New Tech to Inform Broad Art Museum Visitors

The Broad Museum at Michigan State University is developing a system of smart labels. These labels will utilize a tablet like touchscreen, and open possibilities for language customization, reading level settings, special event specific labeling, and more. Managers hope to have the new labels in galleries by December.


Results from Augmented Reality Visitor Impact Study

Cuseum conducted an on site museum attendance survey to measure the impact of augmented reality applications on visitor experience. The vast majority of participants responded positively to the technology, with 91% saying it was an "exciting way to learn," and 87% wished all museums had this.