AMT Lab News Roundup: April


AMT Lab brings some relevant articles from the web to your arts organization in this month's edition of the News Roundup:

Museums are the Best Place to Find Innovation in AR

"If we think of the world as a book, then augmented reality is the digital magnifying glass that enables us to explore the details behind every word, letter, and punctuation mark — right down to the granular texture of the page itself. AR layers context onto an interface that you can see and understand. It blends two different realms, the real, physical world you see with your eyes and the world you see on your device in an interface that creates a new layer that’s as familiar as the phone in your hand."


Blockchain & the Arts

Blockchain has entered the arts world and it continues to evolve itself to suit the medium. This article examines a few current iterations of this emerging tech in the arts sector. 


A Neuroscientist Helps the Peabody Essex Museum Get Inside Your Head

Cultural Organizations are always trying to probe the minds of their patrons in order to construct visceral, engaging presentations. With the help of a neuroscientist, Peabody-Essex has used psychological data and profiling to map user movement through their space. 


  Google’s latest AI experiment reveals hidden color connections in art

More magic from the Google Arts & culture team. Art Palette invites users to select a color palette, and using a complex combination of computer vision algorithms matches artworks with their chosen hues. Try not to get lost in this AI-induced rabbit hole!


How to Do Social Media Spring Cleaning for your Non Profit

Spring is finally in full swing! This article provides tips for your social media manager when it comes to cleaning up your social media accounts for continued and effective engagement of your patrons. 

Excerpts From the Art Leaders Network Conference

Art Leaders Conference recently has its' annual meeting in Berlin. Stay up to date with the newest trends, practices, and future of the field.