In Case You Missed It - December 2011

What a month December has been! As the month comes to a close, so does 2011, and here at Technology in the Arts we covered a lot of great topics as the year ended. For practical application, we took a look at that oh-so-cool demographic, the Millennials, and how they donate. We discussed some of the basics of crowdfunding. New technologies are everywhere and we showed you how some theatres are using mobile technologies during performances.

2011 was a year of activism and we took at look artists are taking on the issues of public policy. To wrap up the year we had some excellent posts on the Best of 2011 and all the great things that happened at the intersection of art and technology in a 2011 review.

Before we go, the staff here at Technology in the Arts had some resolutions for the New Year:

Andre Bouchard -

I resolve to pay for more online arts content when the opportunity presents itself.

Rachael Wilkinson -

I will finally get Pinterest on my phone to keep track of artistic inspirations on the go.

 Sean Bowie -

In 2012, I resolve to become more organized in the world of technology. This would involve better organizing my Gmail, Google Calendar and Dropbox accounts. Also, purchasing a new laptop ranks pretty highly as well.

Naina Singh -

1. Become more active on Twitter
2. Actually listen to music on my iPod instead of just browsing the web!
What are your resolutions for 2012?