In Case You Missed It - November 2011

Thanksgiving is coming up, which means a brief hiatus in the posts here. Let’s take a quick look at some of the great posts we had this month, and hear from our bloggers about what they’re thankful for in the realm of technology. Technology in the Arts took a look at turning digital billboards into art galleries and discussed Facebook and arts organizations in honor of Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to Carnegie Mellon University.

Congress took some time this month to consider a bill to reduce internet regulation, and we discussed how that would impact Net Neutrality.

We also had an amazing guest post by Ashley Paulisick about smartphone apps in art museums, and an interesting piece on how artists are informing the public about pollution. I hope you check out all our wonderful articles from November. Now let’s hear from the Technology in the Arts staff about what they’re grateful for this holiday season –

Elizabeth Quaglieri -

"I am thankful for ARTStor Digital Library. Nothing makes you appreciate a work of art more than to get up close and personal with the brushstrokes, the pigment, and your computer screen. Zoom in, zoom in, zoom in. Happy Thanksgiving to all our Technology in the Arts Followers!"

Sean Bowie -

"As it pertains to technology, I'm thankful for the three things I can't live without: Google Reader, The New York Times, and HBO. And I can't forget the main things I'm thankful for: my family, my friends, my health, and the chance to learn and work with so many talented people on a daily basis here at Carnegie Mellon."

Naina Singh -

"Technologically speaking, I'm thankful for a lot of things, but a few stand out simply because they are outstanding:

Google Translate and Google Maps, for without them I'd be lost both physically and linguistically!

Google Art Project for enabling me to see what I never thought I could!

Artfinder and Paddle8 for helping me discover new art and artists no matter where I may be!"

Andre Bouchard -

I am thankful for the ever widening world of the arts online.  I am thankful that I can now access challenging content through portals like

Rachael Wilkinson -

I'm grateful that art musuems have embraced modern technology and now let me whip out my cell phone while in the galleries. What once felt taboo now seems encouraged.

Tara George -

I'm thankful for Spotify this year...totally.

That's all folks - have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!