And Thanks for all the Fish!


So this will be my last blog post for Technology in the Arts.  My federal student work study allotment has run its course, and I am now foraging in the desert of uncertanty of this horrible job market.  So to quote Baudrillard, "Welcome to the Desert of the Real." or wait, was that Morphious?  Anyway, I thought I'd post some more Friday Fun Links for those of you still paying attention. First up, is this amazing Cellist pulling a Nick Zinner with some effects pedals and a Macbook Pro.

And then there's my favorite plot summary site.

My New favorite Photographer

My Old favorite Photographer

My Favorite Street Artist

and I leave you with something Beautiful

If anyone out there is interested in hiring a tech savvy, hard working recent Graduate from Carnegie Mellon with a mild addiction to coffee and contemporary art, feel free to contact me or have David pass on the news that you are looking for someone to fill the position of awesome.

Thomas Vannatter