Creative Commons - Building a Shared Culture

A few weeks ago, the topic of Creative Commons came up during a technology workshop I was leading, and a number of attendees were unaware of it and its potential for rethinking the way we approach the copyright of intellectual property. Recently, Creative Commons released a short video by renowned filmmaker Jesse Dylan, known for helming a variety of films, music videos, and the Emmy Award-winning “Yes We Can” Barack Obama campaign video.  The video “A Shared Culture” uses interview footage with leading thinkers behind Creative Commons to talk about the organization's mission, but perhaps the most impactful aspect of the video is its incorporation of photographs and music with CC licenses.

Next week at the National Arts Marketing Project Conference in Houston, CAMT's own Brad Stephenson will lead a panel session on the ways in which artists and arts organization may benefit from utilizing Creative Commons licenses in their work.  If you're at the conference, be sure to check it out.