Get Your Phil...

The New York Philharmonic has created a subscription series that allows people under age 35 to build their own season package for only $29 per ticket. Subscribers using MyPhil, as the program has been dubbed, get the best available seats in the house at the time of purchase, so the value of the discount fluctuates depending on the seat(s) one is able to secure. Create a flexible plan with MyPhil.

The subscription plan offers extra tickets throughout the season for guests for just $29 and also provides scheduling flexibility should a conflict arise on the date of your ticketed performance. In addition, MyPhil subscribers get a free one-year subscription to Time Out New York magazine.

This is just another example of an arts organization recognizing the unique needs and habits of the 18-35 set. I'm 31 years old, and the thing I appreciate most about plans like this is the ability to select alternate performance dates should a conflict arise. Young people are less and less likely to plan ahead, as we like to keep our social calendars flexible in the off chance that a better opportunity presents itself.

Confession: I have no social calendar. But if I did, I'd like to keep it flexible.