Press Releases and Web 2.0

Recently, Erika Block with steered me toward an article from titled "PR Trends: A Press Release for Social Media," which discusses how the PR field is attempting to respond to the "social web" phenomenon by adapting the age-old press release to create a new template for social media containing the following items:

  • A brief description of the news announcement
  • Quotes from the CEO or other execs, customers and analysts, if applicable
  • Photo/video attachments, or links to web pages that host these items
  • Links inside the release copy to background information, and relevant links to other news stories or reference sources
  • Digital tags (used to link to web tools such as and Digg)
  • RSS Feed links
  • Links to podcasts and MP3 files, graphics and video

The article states that the social media release is primarily used by those in the tech industry, which makes sense as they are obviously early adapters to changes in technology. There is a lot of potential here for arts organizations dealing with any discipline. Are any of you using this new template for media releases? Have you seen an impact in the consumption of your press materials?

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