It's a claim to fame

Bringing literature and art to the city of Steel Pittsburgh ranks as eighth most literate city and as third best mid-sized arts city

Pittsburgh was also ranked recently as one of the top livable cities in some report I read, in addition to having one of the highest rankings in cultural and arts organizations per capita. Over the weekend, I even heard that we have one of the best city fireworks show in the nation.

I'm always dubious of such statistics, but I do concede there is an essence of truth to such claims. Since moving here from California, I can attest to the following:

  • Pittsburgh is affordable, pretty and in a great location.
  • For a small (mid-sized?) city, there is an incredible amount of performance and visual venues, well-supported by the community, coupled with events and education outreach programs.
  • The fireworks show was, well- average.

Statistics, reports, data or not... I am finding Pittsburgh to be a hospitable and fun home.