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As Notre Dame Looks to Rebuild Digital Data May Guide Restoration Efforts

Last week the world watched in shock as Notre Dame, a building that has stood as a sentinel over hundreds of years of French history, burned. While the physical and psychological devastation of these events is difficult to fathom and must not be trivialized, technological projects carried out at many of these historical locations and museums provide a ray of hope that what is gone may not truly be forever lost.

Is AI a Job Killer in Art Museums?

AI’s will influence the future job marketplace for museums professionals, although perhaps not as one may expect. Thus it begs the question, Is AI a job killer in art museums?

Using Technology to Assess Students in Music Education Programs

There are many ways that technology can aid in assessing students’ progress, for both the teacher and the student. One such application of technology in both the private or group music lesson is drill and practice software, which can “provide a more persistent learning since it allows a drill and practice at desired level and desired amount” (Nart 80).

Image Source: (Linden 535)

Podcast Episode: Linktree with Mariel Nardi

Mariel Nardi, our Manager of Social Media, talks about Linktree and the best way to use it to help manage an Instagram business account.

It Isn't So Hard to Connect Social Media Data with Your CRM System

CRM integration is the process of using various technologies to “connect” multiple systems so they can pass data back and forth. Among all the possible systems to be integrated, social media could be one of the most informative ones.