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Internet2, It's Simpler than it Seems

How does Internet2 actually work? Christine Senavsky spoke with a member of the CMU network team to clarify how the technology functions in practical terms.

Physical and Digital Conservation Planning for Art in Exterior Spaces

One of the most challenging aspects of publicly exhibited works is their conservation, both in the physical and digital sense. One of the most challenging aspects of publicly exhibited works is their conservation. These works are often forced to directly withstand the elements, but also must be protected from graffiti and defacement. There have been examples of conservation issues forcing a public art office to remove an artwork, and Danielle Brazell from the Office of Cultural Affairs in LA described having to de-accession a work that could not be salvaged due to weather-related damage. The Cambridge Arts Council has worked to develop a streamlined system to mitigate problems with a pre-emptive strategy.

Need an Easy, Free Vehicle to Drive you Instagram Audience to your Website? Linktr.ee may be the Answer.

While Instagram may be one of the most popular social media platforms, it lacks a convenient link-sharing within an individual post. Fortunately, there are tools available to circumvent this issue.

A Quick Roundup of January News & Social Media Updates

Social Media and technology updates abounded in Jan 2019. So what changed? Lets take a quick scan of some of the most notable updates in the tech sector.

Apps, Technology and Audience Engagement - An Interview with Jane Alexander of the Cleveland Museum of Art

Jane Alexander, the Chief Digital Information Officer of the Cleveland Museum of Art discusses the ArtLens app, audience engagement, digital natives, and social sharing in the newest episode of the AMT-Lab podcast series.