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Podcast: CRM and Social Media Integration

In the latest episode of the AMT-Lab Podcast series, Chief Technology Manager Ashley Anderson Kowach interviews AMT-Lab contributor Megan Ma about her research on how a nonprofit organization can integrate social media data with an existing CRM system to better understand their constituents interests which could lead to better engagement between the organization and the audience.

Summer Road Trip Series - BreckCreate's WAVE Festival: Breckenridge, Co

As part of the Summer Road Trip Series, we take a quick stop in Breckenridge, CO at BreckCreate’s WAVE festival. We’ll get up close and personal with various installations and see how some of the audience’s reactions, from social-media-activated artwork to family-friendly displays & performances.

The Future of AI and Audience Engagement in the Arts

NY Live Arts hosted the Arts + AI Symposium, Saturday May 11, 2019. The Symposium was part of Live Arts, their annual humanities festival of arts and ideas. The 2019 Festival AI: Are You Brave Enough for The Brave New World? pondered a future with artificial intelligence, a technology that promises to revolutionize human existence. The festival headliner was a performance by discrete figures. Other activities included a hacking camp for teens and panel discussion on the Future of Work.

The Art + AI Symposium offered the sold-out crowd a speed dating style share-out from panel participants. As the manager in the group, I provided a perspective on AI focusing on how institutions will begin connecting the art to the audience using emerging technologies. The following article provides a summary of the frameworks and solutions I presented.

Artists Mold the Future of Ceramics With 3-D Printing

3-D printing has been around for years, and is not a new piece of technology in the ceramics world, but now people have come to realize that 3-D printing isn’t replacing the handmade work of ceramic artist but enhancing it.

Affordable Options and Funding Sources for Bringing VR into the Classroom

Virtual Reality has made its way into the classroom space, and the results are astounding. Depending on your needs, you can bring VR into your curriculum as well.