New Podcast Interview Now Available - Undervolt & Co

Undervolt and Co's Co-founder and Curator Johnny Woods, along with artists Jennifer Juniper Stratford, Birch Cooper, and Brenna Murphy, sat down with AMT Lab Editor Stewart Urist for an interview exploring the challenges and goals of this young organization.

Branding itself as a, "label for experimental video artists," the work of Undervolt's artists spans a mind boggling range of artistic styles, ranging from psychedelic computer generated dreamscapes, to "mutant" television shows, to sculptural synthesizers blending light and sound. Check out the full interview here.

Welcome to AMT Lab!

Hello readers!

As the new Chief Editor of AMT Lab, I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I’ve long inhabited the role so familiar to readers of our blog – that of the “accidental techie.” Whether in my personal or professional life, my enthusiasm for all things tech has given me ample experience solving both hardware and software issues, as well as a healthy appetite for tech news. Last year, AMT Lab allowed me to feed my dual passions of art and technology, and I’m honored and excited to be taking over as Chief Editor from the incredible Katherine Schouten.

Based on the results of our 2014 reader poll, I have worked with the staff to create our research areas for the year.  From these frameworks and our current contributor’s areas of interest, we’ve settled on a diverse set of material to serve your needs. Over the next few months, contributors will research their specific area of interest and share their insights as they progress.

Mapping Social Networks -- Present, Past, Future

Mapping and networks feel modern and hip.  In today's increasingly connected world, we assume that social networks are real-time, technologically relevant, but networks of influence far precede our internet-focused era.  Significantly, mapping networks offers an understanding of how ideas travel.  Visual and performing art historians, professional dramaturgs and curators all know that mapping people, objects, or ideas across time and space can broaden an understanding of an art piece or process. Administrators can also benefit from studying networks.

Tweet Seats at the University Musical Society

There's been a lot of chatter lately about Tweet Seats. The NEA hosted a series of blog posts about #2TweetOrNot2Tweet, we brought up possible legal issues last week, and before I leave you all for the weekend, I'd like to point you towards a great post from ArtsFwd. If you, or anyone you know, is considering Tweet Seats, you should really read this post.